Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Super Sweet is the most challenging and interesting sweet candy game ever! This is the classic puzzle game, also known game jelly. With excellent sweet graphics and amazing props, enjoy candies frenzy time!

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Candy Crush

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is the most challenging and interesting sweet candy game ever! This is the classic puzzle game, also known game jelly. With excellent sweet graphics and amazing props, enjoy candies frenzy time!

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Pikachu fish is a very good game, it is suitable for all ages by innovative gameplay and charismatic players. With cute animals and beautiful effects will make you like.

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Terms and Conditions

I. Terms

This is an entertainment service for teenagers as well as office workers, does not encourage children under 5 years of age, do not encourage charm too. Game What’s absolutely no viruses, you can safely play down the heart Every individual should create an account in the game and gaming After registering you will receive 1 account and did not disclose account for other people on the mental game entertainment, not gambling enthusiast or learn in the game you will be charged for the registration of account as well as recharge for gaming, if you use a pre-paid subscriber, you must ensure sufficient amount of time to load it themselves loaded. Game time to encourage you to play in the free time, does not affect the job as well as your academic All the above conditions you must follow our Ever wonder what you should not hesitate to contact with us, to answer your questions

II. Condition

Please read carefully the following terms served, and determined that you have understood the contents above. If there are problems relating to the rights and interests of the terms listed above, please consult us for help.

1. Definitions

The appropriate terms to use for customers to connect and engage on the internet site of the game served through our website. The rules must be read aggregated with regulations prescribed each respective game software for use with people connected when on the game page and other corresponding regulations in that provision. [Device Connected] means all kinds of connected devices, including but not limited to the use of network connectivity games, participating in games serving network use with personal computers, laptops hand, mobile phones, digital devices personal, PDA phones, other portable devices; [Software Games] here is understood as the software has been approved by the supervisory authority, installed on the connected devices from the computer programming of the customer, the document data or content other news information (including information related to the customer), to customers through use, connect and participate in service offered games from the internet.

2. Agree

Customers in the registration process ie the customer has agreed to clear the meaning and validation.

i. Users have read, fully understand and agree to these terms

ii. These regulations constitute a legal agreement taking into account recommendations binding on the client using the services game between the client itself. (Decree of Use Agreement). If users do not agree with any of the provisions of this Regulation, please do not sign up and try not to use or continue to use any games or download and / or install the software our games.

3. Edit reserves the absolute right to edit as necessary, updating and adjusting the terms and rules of the game (or any part). The aforementioned edit, update or adjustment will be published on our website. The prescribed part, through editing permissions. updates or adjustment will be effective as soon as published on the website. Customers later while continuing to use the service of games through entertainment sites, mobile devices, connected and engaged in the service of entertainment, be deemed to have agreed and received the published on the provisions, terms via edit, update, or adjusted. Customer acknowledges and agrees to bear the responsibility for investigating read, modify, update and / or edit the above. decide announced the adjustment, update and / or modify the aforementioned customers, but no obligation to notify the adjustment, update and / or edit above for customer.

4. Information Games Intellectual Property Rights And Products

Through entertainment site, serving game, game device and / or any form of publicity that provides customers, derive, arise and / or collect the information, documents and number data, including, but not limited to business plans and documentation, achievements, statistics, sports data game, sports schedules, rates and game data, texts, drawings , visual information (info Games) are owned by and are owned customers for personal use in non-commercial purposes. In addition to the work in terms, not through written consent by us or the owner of the materials, customers are not used any form or tricks to modifying, copying, editing, recycling , storing, distributing, advertising, public broadcasting, cable transmission in repertoire, publish, send, sell, loan, lease, or use the information above games. Customers will not be used any other form or another web page, web serving, ad pages, the mass media and / or connected devices to obtain, use, or a combination game match information above. In the game site and / or through connected devices provide entertainment software, serving the entertainment, information and games are entitled to the rights of songwriting, trademark, and other forms of intellectual products and other copyright-protected rights. Ownership of the software game entertainment site, serving games and entertainment information, product rights and interests are under and who owns it or controls used. Customer acknowledges is never used or connected via the website and / or devices connected to retrieve the game software, serving games and game information on any benefits, or ownership interests.

5. Conditions of Use

To reach the conditions of use in service games, customers have assurance and commitment are not used for illegal work, does not violate the terms and / or terms of these provisions prohibit examples use or connected to the game page serving, the service of entertainment software, games and information on the crime. In addition to the terms outlined in this regulation and other guarantee, customers have again committed to making sure that, to achieve conditions of use catering service games: Visitors must use the identity and his name to conduct operations, is not a substitute for operating another person; Users have the freedom within the law; The users have not been detected in the state participate forcefully games; Customers must understand the risks of losses and money when using game services; The amount that clients transferred to the account is not the source of money comes from criminal or other illegal sources, not authorized or unauthorized activities; overbearing row is not the crime or other illegal work, has not yet been authorized or activity and / or attempting to take advantage of the open accounts at to operate according to the aforementioned purposes, users may not use or let others take advantage of services or account games in serving games for use in all of prohibitions violate our laws or all acts other illegal, including but not limited to money laundering; Must secure for the name, account and your password, to prevent the use or illegal connections, in the name of security, accounts and passwords have leaked circumstances, to change the password immediately or inform us; Client for the name, account and your password connect via web serving game and / or connected device and use games services shall be solely responsible for all activities , though the connections mentioned above and / or get the knowledge or authorization of the user or not; Do not use these methods can hinder or interfere with the use of web serving game or connected devices, entertainment software and game information to hinder other customers or the website entertainment, not performed the acts to reduce low or lower can decrease the performance of the game sites and game services; Do not collect or by any other form of intent to seize the documents related to other customers; No propaganda or promote harmful viruses, the connected device has damaged or have an impact on performance and connection sequence, entertainment software, services for games and / or entertainment site , documents or data; Customers through gaming sites and / or connected devices to connect or use the services or information games games for violating the law suit to the user, and no violation for individual user or device that connects your existing website to perform acts of contract / agreement with any individual conference in the country, and also not to be bound by the union contract says conference on; Do not use any equipment, machinery, equipment, software, order or otherwise (or all things related to the properties just mentioned) to obstruct or hinder entertainment services, connected devices, and entertainment software, entertainment sites, game info and / or any transaction wicks & normal activities connected devices; No propaganda or promote any content identifiable violation of law, as jamming, calculated insults, intimidation count, calculated contempt, as disruptive, obscene, tortuous, wrongful deeds count, discrimination race, sex or profanity quarterfinals on gaming sites and / or equipment connections or any other customer, or may constitute or lead to delinquency, leading to civil liability or form other content violation to the law; Users may not be a manager, colleagues, employees, advisors, the relations of or agents or other related companies, or have a close relationship with the objects of medium above or linked together in one house; Do not intervene when another customer using entertainment services, entertainment sites, entertainment software, connected devices, and / or information or arouse games and / or participate in surveys, or fighting , connecting letters or promotion / transfer of [junk email] or emails that have not been agreed.

6. Membership and register to open an account in the game site

When participation through entertainment, catering entertainment use, the user must follow the procedure set out in the game site to complete the application for membership status and open an account (Register membership). Customers must commit to and confirm, if the user would like to register and become a member with all the information and documentation provided includes the name & their financial resources (including bank name and account number paragraph) and address indicated in the application for membership votes are anonymous practical, accurate and complete. will use appropriate measures and necessary to the security of documents and personal information provided by the customer, we will strict confidentiality of the document, information and documentation obtained from the customer, unless the laws, regulations, rules, court, supervisory authorities, any management related to entertainment, law enforcement’s orders and decisions or provisions requiring must be public. Customers for the personal security of self-responsibility. We reserve the rights to payment services procedures for our game to the extent necessary after game site service providers with financial authorities on the rights and interests of users when information and personal data are made public. Customers also have to be responsible and confirmed the use and connected gaming sites and all other game information, the software is downloaded and installed, and / or use of services and participation for games offer not to be bound in law from customers. To verify the membership of the user, we need users to provide proof of age and the user (for example people’s identity cards with photo, or card or credit card borrowing user), the user provides the original documents if nothing changes should be promptly reported to us, to verify the name and address of the user, rights reserved formality posts by mail to verify the names and addresses of users, decide verifying the documents provided by the customer in another form, the user agrees to this regulation, ie Council clear the connection consent, use, handle and store any papers or identity card verification results. We reserve the absolute right to refuse on the basis of registered users membership to any reason. We take responsibility for the site is published online by the website of When members log in and connect to sites like lead to other losses, we are not responsible, if there are any other questions, please contact the online staff to serve customers we; If there has been violation of our website or the suppliers that we work with / the terms of the site and the rules of the game, the log will not be accepted. If it detects any type of account do so, we will lock your account and withdraw all of the winnings and cash balances. Customers can open an account at if we found that users in not just open an account, we reserve the right to arbitrarily decide to handle all the accounts in consolidated into a single account most accounts canceled excess travel or termination of contracts / agreements with customers request.

7. The right to use the software game

This user’s confirmation and consent, users through connected devices to download or to obtain forms of game software on the game site using remotely attached to part of the serving award , as assets under and owners, users do not enjoy any benefits from the games software, the user is not using any kind to arranger, copy, edit, , recycling, storing, distributing, advertising, public broadcasting, cable conveyor into the repertoire, publish, send, sell, loan, lease, or use the information above games . Users may not communicate in any form or for others to use game software or websites, services on the internet or any report or the mass media and / or devices connected . The convey the game software via devices connected to the customer non-dedicated rights, not on transferring personal use rights (the right to use), but the device uses to connect to the installation of game software necessary to get the users to master. authorized purposes and promoting the game software is the key to the users of the software can connect your game completely and use games services. Users may not:

i. Installation or software download game ball to the equipment for other network connection or other steps in order to be able to game software via advertising, serving on the network or remote equipment or network dialing internet so others can be.

ii. Distribute, lend, lease, transfer rights, copy, transfer, convey or any other form to any other person may be game software and / or use of software use rights game .

iii. To others use game software.

iv. Establish or provide any form (including, but not limited to tampering browser) for others to use game software.

v. Translator, is intended to go backwards, decompile, reverse compile, edit, decoded, in whole or parts of game software and / or retrieve the original code base to research and release new products or

for. Copy, editing, translating, or all or parts of the document and retrieve relevant use game software as the basis for research and new product releases. Users agree and confirm, game software offered on the game site and / or through connected devices or other forms or information on games software are owned by and owners, and all patent, trademark and other intellectual rights and protected. Users in this verification, the software structure prizes, organization and source code is the trade secret of extremely valuable and owners. Users confirm that in addition to the authorization pursuant to the right to use, users are not entitled to any rights and benefits of game software and / or documentation of game software users. Half of this conference is terminated by any reason, the authorized use rights are automatically canceled, the user must stop using the software to delete the game and the game software from the device being connected.

8. Regulation

Pause Regulation Service Provider serving game and / or freeze the account, when users execute corrective measures (if possible adjustments), after the user through the adjustment and we I confirm that absolutely right, services for games and user accounts which will be restored and reopened.


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